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Design is about the rendering of intent.
Start with a clear intent.

Rational Design

There is an interesting concept that Tim Parsey used to talk about. He thought of three levels of design. Design that is 1. Rational 2. Emotional and 3. Meaningful. This is indeed a very useful...

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The B̶u̶f̶f̶e̶t̶ way to prioritize user stories

Everybody today understands the importance of shipping early but in that process, the team inevitably makes a lot of compromises. What if you did not have make any concessions? What if you still had...

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Giving good feedback

The idea of feedback is to arrive at a point of mutual interest together in the shortest possible time. If this is the motivation, the person giving the feedback is as much...

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Running a quick design sprint

Design Sprints are great tools that help answer critical design questions using analysis, design, prototyping and validation. A design sprint typically compresses all these phases into a five-day intensive collaborative workshop. A design...

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Running a successful design mentorship program. Part 2.

In Part 1 of this article, we touched upon some of the challenges that mentorship programs in general, and design mentorships in particular, face. Firstly, mentors, protégés and the organization have the right motivation...

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Running a successful design mentorship program. Part 1

We are all aware of the importance of good mentorship programs. They help propagate important technical and cultural know-how within an organization. However when it comes to successfully running one, we cannot...

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