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Design is about the rendering of intent.
Start with a clear intent.

4 things every designer should do, to make their voice heard.

Being a designer is a frustrating and thankless job. I’m tired of being called in at the fag end of the project. At this point, the team isn’t interested in design solutions....

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Maslow’s Hierarchy for developing products

When you are developing software products (or any product, for that matter) you always start with listing our requirements. This is what matters the most to users and inherently we understand this....

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Unlocking design values

For the few weeks I have been busy helping my clients unlock their design values. An in the process, I have been lamenting the time I’ve spent designing using an User Centered...

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Design Thinking is Dead.

Long Live Design Thinking. In my past few articles I’ve been rather critical about Design Thinking. My thinking so far has been based on the following four points: As with all things,...

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Agile is a mask for the mediocre

“Fail fast, fail often!” recommended the Lean Startup Guru. “No risk, no innovation!” warns the Agile Expert. “Don’t worry, we will fix that in our next iteration!” assures the Scrum Master. Behind...

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Design is an infinite game

In game theory there are two types of games. Finite games are those in which participants obey rules, recognise boundaries and announce winners and losers. The infinite game has changing rules, flexible...

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