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Design is about the rendering of intent.
Start with a clear intent.

3 traits that can help you succeed as a designer!

This is the transcript from my talk at TEDx IIT Roorkee on the above subject Hi, I’m Navneet Nair. I’m a UX Designer. I’ve worked as a designer on Google Finance, Orkut...

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Bringing balance & structure to design

Here’s the transcript from a talk I gave this week at the Transform.design Conference. The presentation is below and each separator is for a slide change. Let me ask you a question....

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Good habits to help meet design goals

Using vision, goals and habits in design As a designer, you would have been trained to recognise the importance of the design process. Some of you will have also used a design...

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How to write a UX Story

In 2006, Heidi Tran & Brianna Cry, two preschool girls, met on a dinner cruise in Hawaii. They immediately bonded for one night but lost touch for 12 whole years. It was...

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Validate your strategy using prototypes.

Strategy is about Deliberate Intentions. Execution is about Deliberate Action. You need both, often in equal measure, to win. Amit Somani Amit is a Managing Partner at Prime Venture Partners, and I...

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8 steps to design an inspired MVP.

The MVP should be a prototype, not a product. Marty Cagan Marty Cagan is a founder partner at the SVPG and author of the highly influential book on creating tech products, Inspired....

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