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Design is about the rendering of intent.
Start with a clear intent.

Walking in your footsteps…

Empathy is a buzzword. Today, we have ‘Empathetic Marketers’, ‘Empathetic Managers’ and of course ‘Empathetic Designers’.  Everybody wants to use this trait at work. I’m sure, you do too. And why not? After...

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Rational Design

There is an interesting concept that Tim Parsey used to talk about. He thought of three levels of design. Design that is 1. Rational 2. Emotional and 3. Meaningful. This is indeed a very useful...

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The B̶u̶f̶f̶e̶t̶ way to prioritize user stories

Everybody today understands the importance of shipping early but in that process, the team inevitably makes a lot of compromises. What if you did not have make any concessions? What if you still had...

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