User-centrism is flawed

If you want some Monday morning inspiration, I suggest you watch this video.

It is a 1997 meeting where Steve Jobs is addressing the Apple team after his return to Apple. He explains the new product, distribution and marketing strategy to the team. And towards the end he highlights what we, as UI/UX professionals, have been forgetting all along.

Core values.

We get so bogged down by the user that we forget to look at the core values of the product we are designing. In fact there are people who recommend looking at behavioural traits, or personality traits to build their archetype personas. This is wrong.

Carl Jung defined it as:

“Persona is a mask of the collective psyche”

It is a mask. Do not get attached to it.

In this video Steve Jobs articulates Apple’s core value. That people with passion can change the world. And Apple is about enabling those people who dare to think different.

That definition changed how Apple thought about design. And defining the core values before we start will also change the way we think about design,

I’ve working on a process along these lines. If you have any questions or ideas do feel free to reach get in touch.


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