Nightingales Health

UX Strategy & Execution

Project details

Client: Nightingales Home Health Services
Project: Health On Demand & Remote Patient Monitoring
Services: Mobile Application Design, Web Application Design, Service Design, UX Strategy


Nightingales is a provider of home based health services. They started with a focus on the care of elderly patients in need of home based assisted living and for patients in need of physiotherapy. They have been providing highly trained and reliable health care staff in Bangalore for the last 22 years. Three years ago they decided to enter into the on-demand space and approached me to design a mobile based ‘on-demand’ health application.

Identifying the problem

I started the engagement with a design workshop to understand the problem at hand. We did an immersive design sprint that looked at the current workflow and what it would mean to move to an ‘on-demand’ model. We identified a number key issues and put them into an early prototype of the application. The prototype was quickly tested upon and iterated to come up with a quick minimum desirable version of the mobile application.

Prototyping and iterating

This was in close collaboration with the client and the engineering team. Apart from providing design, the work also involved providing the client with UX strategy input. These were added into the product via a close collaborative process.

User testing & research

During the course of the development there were several pivots in the strategy and these were quickly tested out with patients and doctors who were both users and potential users of the product.


Nightingales has now expanded its operations to 5 cities and the mobile applications along with the back-end patient management system is integral to their growth strategy.