Clickatell Touch


Project details

Client: Clickatell
Project: Clickatell Touch
Services: Mobile Application Design, Web Application Design, UX Strategy


Clickatell is a leader in global mobile messaging that helps businesses connect with their customers. It has a popular SMS platform that provides robust, enterprise level messaging capabilities. This has now been augmented with a state-of-the-art AI based customer engagement platform. Clickatell approached me for a revamp of their SMS platform and then continued working with me for a complete UX strategy and design project for their customer engagement platform.

Identifying the problem

While working with Clickatell on the SMS Platform I worked with the team to develop a comprehensive set of personas with the vision of becoming a central communication hub for an enterprise. This effort helped me during the development of the new Customer Engagement Platform where I was able to take forward the same design ethos and further refine the personas. This was followed by the review of current company wide and industry wide processes so that the ideal process can be identified and shortcomings and overheads minimised. These two efforts culminated in a design sprint where Clickatell was able to identify possible unmet needs and taken up for follow through.

Prototyping and iterating

Prototyping was done using a collaborative and iterative process that included developing a minimum desirable product that made sure the product was available to the market at the earliest and at the same time it had the right set of features to make it successful. Early testing and prioritisation ensured that the product features were kept on track.

Outcome & learning

The product is continuously being studied and improved upon to make sure it is making the maximum impact.