Money View Expense Manager


Project details

Client: Whizdm Innovations
Project: Money View Expense Manager
Services: Mobile Application Design, UX Strategy


Money View is an automated Android based expense manager. It is aimed at empowering people to be more aware of their finances and to pro-actively do better with their money. With the Money View Expense Manager app, you can:

● Track your spending automatically using the expense manager (via SMS)
● View your bank account balance (tracked via bank SMS)
● Set & follow a budget – keep a check on your expenses
● Get bill reminders & pay bills on time
● Keep track of office reimbursements

Identifying the problem

Money View had a clear problem where the application was having a high churn rate and despite a large number of dedicated users, was not seeing the growth. We did a quick design sprint with the team. Together, we identified several inconsistencies within the applications. Apart from that, the onboarding process was flagged as an issue.

Design and iterating

Working in quick sprints the entire design was overhauled. A consistent ‘Material Design’ based user interface design language was set up so that the application could continue developing features without frequent design inputs.

Outcome & learning

The product is continuously being studied and improved upon to make sure it is making the maximum impact.