Homelane Service Design

Service Design

Project details

Client: HomeLane
Project: Service Design
Services: Service Design, UX Strategy, Website


HomeLane is India’s leading end to end, vertically integrated interior design and manufacturing provider. They provide interior design solutions for customers that take the worry of managing the nitty-gritty of the project out from the customer’s mind. Since getting a new home done is time consuming, expensive and highly emotional Homelane wanted to make sure they had a good web presence available for their offering.

Identifying the problem

During the process of talking with the client it became quite evident that the client did not require ‘a simple website overhaul’ but required a full Service Design Exercise which would take care of not just the marketing face but also the inner procedural workings. To identify the problems, I signed myself up as a prospective customer and went through the entire process to identify the holes in the service.

Solving the issue

Apart from my own research, I worked closely with the product and operation team to come up with a map of the current process. Then we used the map to run a workshop where unmet needs were identified. The workshop was then extended to a larger audience within the company leadership team and we identified and brainstormed on a number of solutions. The Service Design Blueprint was developed and used as a map to implement the findings from the workshop.


Once the recommendations were decided upon, I worked with the product team to implement the recommendations. They were divided into requirements, operational changes or training requirements. Also, based on the revised service design the entire web and marketing offerings were redesigned.